The Global Education & Sports Foundation (GESF) is a non-profit organization devoted to inspiring the children of Haiti through a well-rounded education and varied sports activities. GESF has been working with local social organizations to provide assistance to children between the ages of 6 through 18 years old, with the premise that each child has the potential to succeed if the opportunity is provided to them.

GESF’s Vision
Build and renovate schools, and create a multi-sports complex and athletic training facilities in different regions of Haiti. GESF will administer services such as after-school programming in tennis, soccer, and basketball. The facility will also be outfitted with a medical and computer training area.

GESF’s main vision is:

  • Ensure the emancipation of the young at the intellectual, physical, and moral level
  • Programs will be established to provide an appropriate level of productive work time and collaborative care for the youth
  • GESF will provide the professional and timely guidance and support they need and seek
  • GESF will give the children psychological and social support
  • GESF will develop a professional framework for the youth
  • GESF will focus on developing self-confidence, team spirit and ownership attributes
  • GESF will promote the civic and moral values that resonate with Haiti’s heritage

GESF’s Mission
The Global Education & Sports Foundation is a Florida registered non-profit 501( c )3 organization whose mission is to provide minority Haitian urban youth a safe, nurturing environment that helps them develop their social and emotional health, grow educationally and become the future that Haiti needs.

GESF’s Values
GESF believes that each child has the potential to succeed if the opportunity is given to them. GESF is determined to work with established organizations to provide the environment needed to help children prosper through formal education and sports activities.

GESF’s Goal
GESF’s goal is to provide them the education and sports as a means to become better students today and more productive citizens in the future:
  • GESF will use education and sports to develop Haitian children and to help them earn college scholarships in the U.S., Canada and Europe.
  • GESF will assist sports monitors and academic instructors by providing the resources needed to support Haitian children
  • GESF will conduct annual seminar in sports medicine and education to support sports monitors
  • GESF will support academic teachers
  • GESF will conduct annual programs to develop children coming from all regions in Haiti

As GESF is embracing this new initiative, we are reinforcing a commitment with youth organizations such as The Foundation St. Louis Academy (FSA) of Haiti as well as The Institution Mixte Union des Apotres (IMUA) and The Fondayson Ti Souf (FTS). We saw in those communities both need and potential. We made the commitment to partner with them for at least a generation. We support their development in the areas of education, family economic security and health equity. This is not short-term work, but work that requires sustained partnership with those on the ground to shape a future where children thrive.

This is an enthusiastic goal, and with your help, the Global Education & Sports Foundation will build and renovate this facility and establish a foundation for physical, cultural and educational development. The children of Haiti are waiting for us. The children of Haiti are waiting for you. With your support we can develop future leaders, engaged citizens and provide opportunities that they’ve relentlessly aspired to. Imagine a country of 11.65 million inhabitants where only “35,000 children under the age of 18 years old have access to some level of sports activities”. Imagine a country of 11.65 million inhabitants with only “30 physical education instructors”. Imagine athletes participating in major international tournaments without proper uniforms, basic equipment and adequate nutrients. Imagine children playing Soccer, Tennis and Basketball ball barefooted. Imagine no more. These are the facts that we either compiled or witnessed. GESF cannot resolve all problems. However, as an athlete hailed from this great country, I feel a social obligation to help out and provide basic assistance to the different sports organizations in Haiti and to needed Haitian athletes across all sports disciplines. This is the purpose of the foundation. This is our mandate. All your contributions will be fully accounted for and are tax- deductible.

Your generosity will make a big difference in the life of many Haitian children.